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Fall Into Amber Lip Whip Palette

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5 choices for different looks | Layer shades for for different effects| Lip Brush | Mirrored| Portable| Great Gift | Eco-Friendly
Lipstick, Lipgloss Palette with high pigment lip gloss. A makeup girl's usual vice.

This Fall into Amber palette series comes out once a year for fall. This set features 5 seasonal lip whip shades in one sturdy, mirrored palette with brush.  Great way to sampler our lip line. 

This year's collection features:

  1.    Naked
  2.    Creme Brûlée 
  3.    Salsa          
  4.    Berry Bliss
  5.    So Couture  

All 5 Shades in one sturdy palette with mirror and lip brush.